The BMAP Site Visit Service

The primary goal of the Blue Mounds Area Project is to help private landowners improve or create native habitat on their properties.

Many landowners find that getting started on this journey can seem daunting. Our site visit service provides landowners one-on-one time with an ecologist, walking their property to discuss the what, how, and why of moving forward. The knowledge, encouragement and resources gained during the site visit help provide the landowner with the empowerment to act. Since 1995, BMAP site visits have helped over 200 landowners on more than 18,000 acres in Southwest Wisconsin. Whether you own 1 acre or hundreds, we want to help.

The service provides landowners with the knowledge to act.

We introduce landowners to the exotic plants and shrubs on their land and how to deal with them. We talk about the historic role of prescribed fire in maintaining oak systems. Together we have fun finding cool plants and beautiful birds. We connect landowners with resource practitioners in the area who provide the physical assistance that some landowners need to maintain their property. We encourage folks to develop a land management plan that meets their interests and needs.

Through our site visits, BMAP also gains knowledge to act.

We learn about the quality of the lands in private ownership. We record qualitative and quantitative data on the rare and threatened plants we find during the survey. We record bird sightings and mammal tracks. We decide where to put our energies as an organization. We link our activities with the problems and the interests of our members. We develop programs that help landowners based on the issues we hear about from the field. We talk with other local organizations about tackling regional issues together. It all starts with the site visits and the one-on-one time this gains us with our members.

What the site visit provides.

Each site visit involves a 2 3 hour visit with an ecologist and a written report that reviews the topics discussed during the visit, location of remnant plant communities on the property, identification of exotic plants/shrubs encountered, and suggestions for management. A list of resources and related literature is also provided.

So, join us and sign up for a site visit with our ecologist today!

A site visit is available free to BMAP members within about 30 miles of our base in Mount Horeb. Members can request a revisit if you haven't met with our ecologist within the past 5 years. In that way, we can return to the previous site visit documentation, talk about recurring problems and point out stewardship efforts that have been successful.

To get started, please email the BMAP ecologist,
or drop us a line at:
Blue Mounds Area Project
PO Box 332
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Read a history of the BMAP site visit program

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