The BMAP Mailing List (BMP-LIST)

The BMP-List is a community forum for discussing topics of interest to members of the Blue Mounds Area Project, especially stewardship and restoration of prairies and oak savannas, wetlands, and woodlands. Special announcements about BMAP events and workshops will also be posted to the list, helping to keep BMAP members informed on the Project's work. The list provides BMAP members with a new opportunity to exchange information and share experiences with their fellow members. Here are some ideas about how the list can be used:

About the BMP-List:

  1. BMP-List is a public list, and anyone who wishes may subscribe to it.
  2. You don't need any special tools. Use your web browser for subscribing, setting your individual subscriber options, and for accessing the list archives (where past messages are stored). To post a message to the entire list, you simply send it to the list email address:
  3. No spam. Strong security measures have been put in place to prevent the list from being a spam conduit. These measures also include the safeguarding of subscribers' email addresses, and password security for accessing list archives.
  4. Please no commercial advertising. We are happy to help you advertise your land stewardship products and services in our newsletter. Contact the newsletter editor to find out more.
  5. To join the list, use your web browser to go to the BMP-List information page. Enter your name and a password in the subscription form, and click the Subscribe button. You will then receive an email message asking you to confirm your subscription. Simply reply to this message to confirm your subscription. Within a few minutes you will be sent a welcome message with more details on how to use the list. That's all there is to it!