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Exploring Your Land's Past and Future

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Part of developing an ecological plan for your land is learning about its past, and one of the tools of the "eco-sleuth" is your computer and the Internet.

Find out what your land might have looked like 100 years ago. Identify native and invasive plants. Determine whether you have wet or dryland soils. Find sources for air and satellite photos of your property. Find people and businesses that can help. The links below will walk you through some of the resources available on the web for learning about your land.

Maps and Photos

Internet maps and imagery
NRCS soil maps Other on-line map sources
Finding your spot Air photo sources


    Pre-settlement Ecology
  • P D F icon Article on driftless area ecological history by former BMAP ecologist Bob Wernerehl.
  • Original surveyor notes for Wisconsin
  • See also the "Original Vegetation" layer
    in the WI DNR Surface Water Data Viewer listed above.
Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center (MVAC) at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Plant Information

Native plants Invasive plants Wisconsin Natural Communities

On-line restoration information

Prairie and Wetland restoration

Monitoring, Assessment and Recordkeeping

Citizen Monitoring Assessment Recordkeeping

Prescribed Fire

General information Ecological effects on plants and animals
Training Organizations

Where to get help

Land Management Land Trusts Non-Profit Organizations and Projects