Blue Mounds Area Project: Promoting Restoration and Stewardship of Native Habitats

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view of Blue Mound from the south

Our Mission

The Blue Mounds Area Project is a community-based organization that seeks to inspire, inform and empower private landowners in the Southwestern Wisconsin region to enjoy, protect and restore native biodiversity and ecosystem health.

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Upcoming Events

BMAP Spring Outing

  • Bobolink Hill Farm Field Trip

    Saturday, May 19 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    5129 Shophill Road, Highland, WI 53543

    We will be serenaded by dozens of bobolinks as we walk up a hill through a large grassy hay field. We may also see blue birds and meadowlarks. From there we will check the progress made in a savanna area that was cleared of weedy trees and brush several years ago. Several pairs of red headed woodpeckers have set up residence here. We will then hike into a 25-acre hilly prairie and see a variety of early blooming species including a hillside of lupine, hoary puccoon, yellow star grass, prairie violets and many others.

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    BMAP's publication "Reading the Driftless Landscape" is still available!

    Find out more about it and how to get your copy.

    Contact Us

    Blue Mounds Area Project
    PO Box 332
    Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

    Phone: 608-561-2627 (608-561-BMAP)

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